Functionality and beauty in a single frame

A revolutionary proposal that redefines design and performance standards.
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Functionality and Beauty

The EBE 85 AS system is an evolution of the EBE 85 system, a product that combines functionality with aesthetic beauty. This system allows for the creation of large sliding glass walls, where large and heavy doors can alternate with fixed mirrors.

This system is not only an advanced technical component but also a sophisticated component for façades and interior furnishings. Designed to be versatile and flexible, it maintains the excellent performance of the EBE 85 system and is suitable for the interpretation and implementation of the most innovative projects in contemporary architecture.

Performance and Efficiency

The EBE 85 AS systems offer high performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, wind resistance, and air permeability. The system can be configured in two subsystems, allowing for 94 mm visible sections on all sides or reducing them to only 69 mm visible sections for the central node, side uprights, and top transom.

The thermal break profiles of the EBE 85 system have a depth of 85 mm and can support insulated glass panels of up to 68 mm. The frames and leaves overlap on the inside and are coplanar externally.

The EBE 85 system is part of the EBE profile series and represents SECCO SISTEMI’s response to the need for thermal and acoustic insulation. With innovative thermal cutting-edge technology in polyamide and polyurethane, EBE achieves strong structural profiles in the relevant sections.

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Design and Finishes

The small profiles placed in front of the glass to fix it are also design elements of the frame and are produced in the same finishes as the frame. As for the hinges, they are designed to better integrate into the window frame, they are thin, minimal, and provided in the same finishes as the frame. In the case of tilt and turn, the hinges can be concealed.

The handles, discreet, geometric, minimal, and in the same finishes as the frame, integrate perfectly into the frame. The EBE 85 sliding door system is also available in 4 precious metals in the Bi-material combination, combining two different materials between the interior and the exterior.

Functionality and Variants

EBE 85 lifting and sliding doors can be made with a visible section of the frames of 69 mm or 94 mm. There are two possible solutions for the threshold: without space with a flat floor threshold; with an integrated threshold system that includes a room for water collection and drainage.

Design variants include tilt and turn for windows, and inward opening, outward opening, and lifting and sliding for doors.

In summary, the EBE 85 AS thermal break system by SECCO SISTEMI is an advanced design solution that offers high performance, versatility, and aesthetics. If you are looking for a window solution that is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and highly efficient, the EBE 85 AS is the perfect choice.

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OS2 85 AS Finishes

The EBE 85 AS is available in galvanized steel with a wide range of colors and surface finishes. It is also available in AISI 304 stainless steel with a satin finish, AISI 316L stainless steel with a polished or scotch brite finish, corten steel, and brass (copper alloy 0T67).

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Corten steel is a type of steel made with a chemical alloy that protects it from atmospheric corrosion. Thanks to this, and its natural and decorative appearance, it is a very versatile material for architects and designers.


Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, with a proportion of over 50% copper. Brass is common in projects that require high design and aesthetics.


The titanium finish is achieved through a chemical oxidation process that offers high-quality design and metallic aesthetics.


The lacquering treatment consists of protecting and painting the surface of the profile with a homogeneous layer of paint. These treatments are carried out with strict respect for the environment, so all paints are lead-free.


Stainless steel is a widely used material in construction due to its hardness and high resistance to corrosion.

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