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The charm of OS2 40 lies not only in its functionality but also in its design

The Essence of High Quality in Design and Functionality.

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Elegant and Resistant

The choice of the perfect window can make a substantial difference in the design and comfort of your project.

When looking for an elegant and sturdy option, the OS2 40 system by SECCO SISTEMI stands out as the ideal choice. With a minimalist yet robust structure, which brings a touch of sophistication to any environment.

Structure and Characteristics of OS2 40

The OS2 40 has been designed to accentuate the charm of interior spaces. It consists of tubular profiles only 12 mm thick, a central node between the two leaves of only 62 mm and a depth of 42 mm, capable of supporting glasses up to 15 mm thick. These characteristics allow a large amount of natural light into the space, improving the interior environment and creating an impressive visual balance with the exterior of the building.

Thanks to its detailed and careful design, the OS2 40 offers a reduced scattering surface, making it the perfect solution for moderate climates. The visible sections vary from 12 to 47 mm, while the depth is reduced to 42 mm, ensuring a consistent aesthetic appearance.

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High Quality and Energy Efficiency.

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The small profiles located on the front of the glass not only serve to hold it, but they also form an integral part of the frame design. They are manufactured in the same finishes as the frame, ensuring a cohesive appearance.


The OS2 40 allows for inward and outward opening options, providing versatility depending on the user’s needs and preferences. There is also the option of fixed windows, ideal for spaces where window opening is not necessary or desired.

In conclusion, the OS2 40 by SECCO SISTEMI offers a combination of quality, functionality, and design that adapts to any interior environment. Its well-thought-out and aesthetically pleasing features make it the perfect choice for those seeking a sophisticated and high-quality window solution.


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Discreet and Minimalist

The handles of the OS2 40 are discreet and minimalist, and are available in the same finishes as the frame. The available models and finishes include:

  • Vitruvio trunk: stainless steel and brass
  • Vitruvio square: stainless steel and corten steel
  • Vitruvio round: stainless steel and brass
  • Vitruvio oval: stainless steel and brass

Slim and Minimal

The hinges of the OS2 40 have been designed to complement the window frame. They are slim, minimal and provided in the same finishes as the frame. For tilt and turn windows, it is possible to hide the hinges, contributing to the clean and minimalist design of the product.

The hinges are available in two options:

  • Two-wing hinge: stainless steel and corten steel
  • Three-wing hinge: stainless steel and corten steel We are an Official Distributor and Secco Sistemi Partner

We are an Official Distributor and Secco Sistemi Partner

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Functionality and Design

The charm of the OS2 40 lies not only in its functionality but also in its design. The design elements are subtly integrated to create a unified and attractive appearance.


OS2 40 Finishes

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Corten steel is a type of steel made with a chemical alloy that makes its oxidation protected against atmospheric corrosion. Thanks to this, and its natural and decorative appearance, it is a very versatile material for architects and designers.


Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, with a proportion of more than 50% copper. Brass is common in projects requiring high design and aesthetics.


The titanium finish is achieved through a chemical oxidation process that offers a high-quality design and a metallic aesthetic.


The lacquering treatment consists of protecting and painting the surface of the profile with a homogeneous layer of paint. These treatments are carried out with a rigorous respect for the environment, so all paints are lead-free.


Stainless steel is a material widely used in construction thanks to its hardness and high resistance to corrosion.


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