OS2 75

Secco Sistemi carpentry in steel, with visible sections reduced to a minimum.

Thermal cut steel window with visible sections reduced to a minimum.
OS2 65 PERFIL - Secco Sistemi _ Sistema de ventana minimalista acero

Minimalist Steel Window System

The profiles of the system are meticulously designed so that the contour of each line and fold is essential to achieve the highest levels of thermal and acoustic insulation.

OS2 75 Performance

  • Variety of more than 40 profiles, with visible sections reduced to a minimum: from only 27 mm to 62 mm and 77 mm deep.
  • The performance of the OS2 75 thermal cutting system has been tested by the best European certification laboratories in compliance with the current specific standard EN 14351-1.

Características OS2 75

  • Solutions for doors or windows, the solutions offered by OS2 75 joinery are very varied.
  • It offers the possibility of folding systems
  • Possibility of concealed hinges

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OS2 75 Technical Data Sheet

Tilt-and-turn mechanism for inward opening of the window

Wind resistance – pressure test5 5
Wind resistance – frame bendingC
Water tightness9A
Thermal transmittance1,04 W / m2K
Air permeability4 4
Acoustic performance45 dB


Different openings (possibility of exterior and interior opening)
Glazing Beads
OS2 65 Secco Sistemi Sistema de ventana minimalista acero 2
OS2 65 SECCO ACCESORIOS Secco Sistemi Sistema de ventana minimalista acero

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EBE 65/75/85 finishes

acabados acero secco sistemi
acero corten secco sistemi
latón acero cortensecco sistemi
titanio acero corten SECCO SISTEMI
lacado acero corten secco sistemi


Corten steel is a type of steel made from a chemical alloy that protects it from atmospheric corrosion. Thanks to this, and its natural and decorative appearance, it is a very versatile material for architects and designers.


Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, with a proportion of more than 50% copper. Brass is often used in projects requiring high design and aesthetics.


The titanium finish is achieved by a chemical oxidisation process that provides a high quality design and metallic aesthetics.


The lacquering treatment consists of protecting and painting the surface of the profile with a homogeneous layer of paint. These treatments are carried out with the utmost respect for the environment, which is why all paints are lead-free.


Stainless steel is a material widely used in construction due to its hardness and high resistance to corrosion.

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