Flexible standard window system from the leading brand Schüco

Thanks to the high stability of aluminium, the minimalist sliding system Schüco ASE 70 PD.ME can be designed with slim profiles and large glass surfaces, ensuring maximum transparency and brightness at all times.

SCHUCO-AWS-75-BS.SI-1 Sistema de ventana estándar flexible Schüco

Schüco Standard Window System AWS 75 BS.SI

For the highest thermal insulation requirements in window block construction. In combination with Schüco AvanTec and Schüco TipTronic concealed fittings and a concealed sash frame, this series meets the highest demands thanks to its design and maximum transparency.

Schüco AWS 75 BS.SI Performance

  • System for block windows with concealed sash
  • High thermal insulation
  • Burglar resistance
  • Simplified assembly processes reduce manufacturing time

Schüco AWS 75 BS.SI Features

  • Larger glazing area with a narrow structural view
  • Maximum transparency
  • Motorisation possible (Schüco TipTronic)
  • No EPDM corner seal required
  • Integrated sealing corners for the outer frame

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Schüco data sheet AWS 75 BS.SI

Wind resistanceC5/B5
Water tightness9A
Thermal transmittance1,2 W / m2K
Air permeabilityClass 4
Acoustic performance45 dB
Basic depth75 mm
Minimum face width67 mm
Maximum glass width57 mm
Maximum weight/leaf160 kg /leaf
Maximum dimensions *1700 mm x 2500 mm

* For other dimensions, please consult the technical department.

SCHUCO-AWS-75-BS.SI-2 Sistema de ventana estándar flexible Schüco

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Schüco AWS 75 BS.SI finishes

carta colores RAL Ventanas Schuco
ANODIZADO-SCHÜCO Acabados materiales y pintura ventanas schuco
recubrimiento-en-polvo-schuco Acabados materiales y pintura ventanas schuco
PINTURA-LIQUIDA-SCHUCO Acabados materiales y pintura ventanas schuco
schuco ventanas Acabados materiales y pintura ventanas schuco
SCHUCO-LAMINAS-DE-COLORES Acabados materiales y pintura ventanas schuco
SCHUCO-TOP-ALUminio Acabados materiales y pintura ventanas schuco


The anodising process (Eloxal) is an electrochemical process in which an anodically polarised aluminium substrate (e.g., initial profile) is immersed in an acidic, aqueous, electrolyte solution.


Due to its electrical charge, the powder adheres well to the surface, and melts and crosslinks during the subsequent heat treatment. After cooling, the coating is well bonded, uniform and durable.


Schüco has three graduated product ranges, depending on the customer’s needs: Polyurethane product range, Duraflon product range and the PVDF product range.


Schüco AutomotiveFinish: color metálico para perfil de material sintético. Los colores metálicos y los colores RAL-EFFECT seleccionados se presentan en un brillo sin precedentes. 


Schüco UnlimitedFinish: Individual design with plain colours and wood decors. The Schüco foil range offers numerous attractive features that make plastic windows and doors even more attractive.


The Schüco TopAlu aluminium roof system combines the excellent thermal insulation, impermeability and easy care of plastic elements with the high quality, diverse appearance and resistance of an aluminium surface.

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