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06 05 COR 4500 Corredera Elevable y en Linea RPT CORTIZO

An Innovative and Versatile Slider

The choice of a window is crucial in any building or renovation project. Not only does it offer views to the outside, but it also plays a vital role in the energy efficiency of your home or office. That’s why we are pleased to introduce you to the Cortizo 4500 RPT sliding window, a superior option that stands out for its functionality, design and performance.

The Cor 4500 RPT sliding window is an avant-garde window that offers great features, standing out for its straight or curved aesthetics. Its opening system can be in line or elevating, allowing to close large openings with configurations of up to 6 leaves.

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Variants of the Cortizo 4500 RPT

The Cortizo 4500 RPT sliding window is available in two versions:

  1. Raisable Sliding: It implements the sash raising and lowering system that we have just described, providing extra functionality and comfort.
  2. In-line sliding: This non-raising version is perfect for those who are looking for more economical solutions without sacrificing the aesthetics and quality of a large window.

The 4500 RPT offers various configurations of fixed sash, 2 sashes, fixed – sash – fixed, 2 sashes – 2 fixed and 4 sashes, adapting to the needs of each space.

06 05z COR 4500 Corredera Elevable y en Linea RPT CORTIZO

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An Innovative System

This model is based on an innovative operating system. The leaves are installed with a mechanism that allows them to be raised during the opening manoeuvre and lowered during the closing manoeuvre. This feature allows the closed door to rest on upper and lower longitudinal seals, guaranteeing its interlocking in any position.

It is possible to meet leaves at 90º corners without mullions. In addition, in the fixed and sash configuration, the rail of the fixed zone remains hidden, which gives a minimalist and clean look to the design of your window.

06 05z COR 4500 Corredera Elevable y en Linea RPT CORTIZO 1

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Technical Details of Luxury and Efficiency

The design of the 4500 RPT is not only aesthetically appealing, but also technically and structurally sound.

Glazing and Sections Glazing can vary from a minimum of 4 mm to a maximum of 38 mm, allowing extensive customisation according to thermal and acoustic insulation requirements.

Frame sections vary between 100 / 123 / 127 mm and 185 mm tri-rail, with 51 mm sashes. This range of sections offers a wide flexibility in terms of size and style.

Door leaf dimensions and weight The maximum door leaf dimensions for the lift-up version are 3300 mm in both width and height, while for the in-line version they are 2500 mm wide and 2600 mm high.

In terms of weight, the leaf of the lift-up version can support up to 400 kg, while the leaf of the in-line version can support up to 280 kg.

Finishes and Aesthetics The 4500 RPT offers a wide range of finishes to suit every taste and style. You can choose from two-colour, lacquered colours (RAL, mottled and rough), wood imitation lacquer, anti-bacterial lacquer or anodised.

06 05 COR 4500 Corredera Elevable y en Linea RPT CORTIZO 1

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cor4200 COR 4500 Corredera Elevable y en Linea RPT CORTIZO

Cortizo COR 4500 RPT Tests

The 4500 RPT sliding window has demonstrated high performance in various tests::

Transmittance: Uw ≥ 1.5 (W/m2K)
Acoustic insulation: Rw up to 42 dB
Air permeability: (UNE-EN 12207) Class 4*.
Watertightness to water: (UNE-EN 12208) Class 8A*.
Wind resistance: (UNE-EN 12210) Class C4**.

These results prove that the 4500 RPT is an option that combines aesthetics, comfort and resistance in an exceptional way.

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Chromatic Range Cor 4500 RPT

The versatility of the finishes available, such as lacquered, RAL colours, mottled, rough and imitation wood, offer a wide range of design possibilities to suit any architectural style or aesthetic preference.

muestrario anodizado cortizo
lacado efecto madera
anodizado cortizo


Colour chart of lacquered colours for Cortizo aluminium. Standard lacquers (RAL chart), textured, mottled and metallic lacquers.


Extensive range of lacquered imitation wood colours, from plain pine, through textured oak to white wood.


Cortizo’s range of anodised colours is very extensive, ranging from natural sandpaper, through green, burgundy, bronze, shiny gold, to the typical matt black.


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