Sliding Window COR 4700 RPT

Design, performance and functionality

High Quality and Energy Efficiency.
4 COR 4700 RPT Ventana Corredera de Cortizo

An Innovative and Versatile Sliding Window

The COR 4700 RPT sliding window is a high quality, high performance option that combines design, functionality and energy efficiency. With its minimalist aesthetics, customisable opening possibilities, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics, and a wide range of available finishes, this window is positioned as a versatile and attractive solution for closing large openings in architectural projects.

Its thermal break technology and satisfactory test results reinforce its reliability and contribute to creating more comfortable and peaceful interior spaces. The 4700 RPT sliding window is undoubtedly an option to consider for those looking for a perfect balance between design, performance and quality in their construction or renovation projects.

Minimalism and robustness

One of the most striking features of the 4700 RPT sliding window is its minimalist aesthetics, with straight lines and a reduced central knot of 47 mm. This allows for a clean, open view, with a large glazing surface that provides a feeling of spaciousness and brightness in interior spaces. In addition, the system features an ultra-smooth sliding track, which facilitates the smooth and quiet operation of the sliding sashes.

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Exceptional thermal and acoustic performance

The 4700 RPT sliding window stands out for its excellent thermal and acoustic performance. Thanks to its design and the materials used, this window offers a Uw transmittance value as low as 1.1 W/m²K, which contributes to better thermal insulation and reduced heat loss inside living spaces. This level of energy efficiency helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature all year round, reducing dependence on heating or cooling systems.

In terms of sound insulation, the 4700 RPT sliding window ensures a quieter and calmer indoor environment. Thanks to its ability to accommodate glazing up to 36 mm thick, this window can achieve a maximum sound insulation of 40 dB. This means that it significantly reduces the transmission of unwanted external noise, creating a more serene and comfortable indoor environment.

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A world of possibilities for openness

The 4700 RPT sliding system offers various opening possibilities, adapting to the needs and preferences of each project. The available options include:

  • Sliding: the standard configuration of this system, which allows the leaves to slide sideways.
  • Monorail (leaf + fixed): ideal for spaces where an additional fixed leaf is required next to the sliding leaf.
  • Bi-rail: perfect for spaces that require two sliding leaves that move in opposite directions.
  • Three-rail: this option allows three sliding leaves to be incorporated into a single system, providing greater flexibility and openness.
  • Galandage: an innovative alternative that allows the sliding panels to be completely concealed within the walls, maximising usable space and creating a minimalist aesthetic.
1 COR 4700 RPT Ventana Corredera de Cortizo

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Technical Specifications

Below are some relevant technical specifications of the 4700 RPT sliding window:

  • Glazing: glazing with a maximum thickness of 36 mm and a minimum thickness of 26 mm can be used.
  • Opening possibilities: sliding, single-rail (sash + fixed), two-rail, three-rail and galandage.
  • Sections: 115 and 120 mm frame, 185 mm three-rail and 50 mm leaf.
  • Profile thickness: 1.5 mm balcony rail.
  • Polyamide rod length: 20-25 mm.
  • Maximum leaf dimensions: width (L) 2500 mm and height (H) 3000 mm.
  • Maximum leaf weight: 280 Kg.
  • Finishes: possibility of two-colour design, lacquered in RAL colours, mottled and rough, lacquered with imitation wood and anti-bacterial lacquer, as well as the option of anodising.
3 COR 4700 RPT Ventana Corredera de Cortizo

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5 COR 4700 RPT Ventana Corredera de Cortizo

COR 4700 RPT tests

As for the tests carried out, the 4700 RPT sliding window has been subjected to various tests that guarantee its quality and safety. Some of the results obtained are:

  • Transmittance: Uw value ≥ 1.1 (W/m²K). It is important to consult the specific type, size and glass to obtain the precise value.
  • Sound insulation: a maximum sound insulation of 40 dB has been achieved thanks to the glazing capacity of up to 34 mm.
  • Air permeability: Class 3 classification according to UNE-EN 12207.
  • Watertightness: classification Class 7A according to UNE-EN 12208.
  • Wind resistance: classification Class C5 according to standard UNE-EN 12210.
  • PAS24 safety test: suitable.
  • AEV reference test: 1.80 x 2.20 m / 2 leaves.
  • PAS24 security test: 2.40 x 2.40 m / 2 sashes.

These tests prove that the 4700 RPT sliding window meets the highest quality and safety standards, guaranteeing its durability and resistance in different climatic conditions.

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Chromatic Range Cor 4700 RPT

The openings, combined with the versatility of the finishes available, such as lacquered, RAL colours, mottled, rough and imitation wood, offer a wide range of design possibilities to suit any architectural style or aesthetic preference.

muestrario anodizado cortizo
lacado efecto madera
anodizado cortizo


Colour chart of lacquered colours for Cortizo aluminium. Standard lacquers (RAL chart), textured, mottled and metallic lacquers.


Extensive range of lacquered imitation wood colours, from plain pine, through textured oak to white wood.


Cortizo’s range of anodised colours is very extensive, ranging from natural sandpaper, through green, burgundy, bronze, shiny gold, to the typical matt black.


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