Conventional window system that meets the most severe climatic requirements

Conventional and hinged window system capable of achieving maximum levels of airtightness, energy savings and acoustic protection.
COR 80 industrial RPT / Passivhaus

Conventional Window System

Hinged window system with 80 mm frame depth and thermal break. Possibility of concealed sash and reaching the Passivhaus standard for energy efficiency.

Performance COR 80 RPT Hidden Leaf

  • 80 mm frame depth concealed leaf system
  • External visible section of only 66 mm
  • Maximum glazing 50 mm
  • Cross-sections: Frame – 80 mm / Door leaf – 80 mm
  • Concealed hinge and Evo Security hardware possible
  • Opening options:
    • Interior: bi-parting, tilt-and-turn and folding.

Performance COR 80 RPT Industrial / Passivhaus

  • Maximum glazing 65 mm
  • Cross-sections: frame-80 mm / Leaf-88 mm
  • Thermal transmittance from only 0.66 W/m2K
  • Opening options for COR 80
    • Interior: Practicable, tilt-and-turn, tilt-and-turn-parallel and casement.
    • Exterior: Practicable and projecting-sliding.
  • Possibility of opening for COR 80ç
  • Passivhaus:
    • Interior: Practicable, tilt-and-turn, tilt-and-turn-parallel and folding.

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COR 80 RPT Technical Data Sheet

Wind resistanceC5
Water tightnessClass E1950
Thermal transmittance0,66  W / m2K
Air permeabilityClass 4
Acoustic performance (máx)46 dB

Reference test: COR 80 Industrial RPT / Passivhaus. 1.23 x 1.48 m window. Two leaves.

Framework section80 mm
Leaf section88 mm
Maximum dimensions1600 mm x 2600 mm
Maximum weight/leaf160 kg/leaf
Maximum glazing65 mm

Performance for COR 80 industrial RPT/Passivhaus

* For other dimensions, please consult the technical department.

COR-80-SECCIONES-CORTIZO Ventanas Convencionales y Abisagradas
COR 80 SECCIONES CORTIZO Ventanas Convencionales y Abisagradas

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Cor 80 RPT Finishes

muestrario anodizado cortizo
lacado efecto madera
anodizado cortizo


Colour chart of lacquered colours for Cortizo aluminium. Standard lacquers (RAL chart), textured, mottled and metallic lacquers.


Extensive range of lacquered imitation wood colours, from plain pine, through textured oak to white wood.


Cortizo’s range of anodised colours is very extensive, ranging from natural sandpaper, through green, burgundy, bronze, shiny gold, to the typical matt black.

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